Q: Why is VitalOils1000™ more expensive than some other brands?


Not all fish oil supplements are created equal.

VitalOils1000™ is truly a one of a kind product, formulated by a nationally recognized, practicing preventative cardiologist and cholesterol expert. VitalOils1000™ is the only fish oil supplement to meet the American Heart Association recommendation for patients with coronary artery disease in just one soft gel. This is by far the most potent soft gel on the market, including prescription brands. VitalOils1000™ is purified through a state-of-the-art process utilizing supercritical fluid technology which allows for exceptional purity. It is enteric coated (to avoid the common fishy aftertaste/burp), analyzed by independent FDA registered laboratories for purity and safety, and packaged individually for your convenience and protection. It is truly a superb product, one which we are proud to offer you, and one which we are confident you will respect and enjoy, as you do your best to achieve optimal health .

Q: Can I take VitalOils1000™ if I have a fish allergy?

A: Fish allergies come in a variety of forms. This is a question you should definitely ask your physician. If your doctor wishes to speak directly with one of our medical doctors, please ask him or her to contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Q: Should I take my VitalOils1000™ with food?

A: As VitalOils1000™ is heavily enteric coated, it is not necessary to take it with food to avoid a fishy aftertaste. It is also not necessary to store VitalOils1000™ in the refrigerator. Because some patients have a delay in their stomach's ability to empty properly, an occasional patient may experience an aftertaste, even with the enteric coating. This is not dangerous, but if it happens repeatedly, please speak with your physician, as you may require a gastrointestinal evaluation.

Q: What is Omacor, or Lovaza?

A: Lovasa, the new name for Omacor, is an excellent fish oil product that is available only with a doctor's prescription for patients with very high triglycerides. It contains 840 mg of combined EPA plus DHA per soft gel. It is not enteric coated. Vitamin E is the antioxidant used in Lovaza for protection of the oil. When compared to Lovasa, VitalOils1000™ has 160 mg more DHA plus EPA per soft gel. It is enteric coated to avoid a fishy aftertaste, and it contains rosemary and vitamin C instead of vitamin E to protect its oils. Recent literature has found vitamin C and rosemary to be superior to vitamin E for protecting oils. VitalOils1000™ also does not require a prescription.

Q: Does VitalRemedyMD offer a liquid omega-3 fish oil product for those people who cannot swallow a soft gel?

A: VitalRemedyMD does not offer a liquid alternative to soft gels. Liquid fish oils can begin to turn rancid from oxidation the moment they are opened and exposed to air, even when you keep them refrigerated. As these bottles need to be opened on a daily basis, the possibility for oxidation is high. Our suggestion is to utilize one of our VitalOils1000™ soft gels and pierce it, and squeeze it into applesauce, yogurt, or a food of your choice to obtain the benefits of VitalOils1000™ without suffering the effects of oxidation.

Q: What about Krill oil?

A: Krill oil in its natural form has much lower levels of DHA and EPA and also has an attached phospholipid group. The Krill oil marketing contention is that in our bodies DHA and EPA exist as phospholipids. Although that is largely true, when we ingest and absorb Krill oil we have to remove DHA and EPA from the phospholipid! Therefore Krill oil DHA and EPA becomes a free fatty acid, the same as VitalOils1000. There is one major difference, however, VitalOils1000 gives us far more DHA and EPA than does Krill oil, and it is the DHA and EPA that are the active ingredients conveying health benefits.

Q: I have seen that some fish oil products claim to have no toxins whatsoever. Are they telling the truth?

A: We have done extensive research and development in order to refine our fish oil product to such an extent as to produce the most potent omega-3 fish oil product on the market with or without a prescription. In all of our research, we have never come across an oil that is "completely free" of dioxins, furans and PCBs. VitalOils1000™is purified through a state-of-the-art process utilizing supercritical fluid technology which allows for exceptional purity. The quantities of impurities found within VitalOils1000™ fall well below required standards, making VitalOils1000™ an extraordinarily well-purified product. As these impurities are measured in parts per trillion, however, tiny traces still do remain. If you do find a product that claims to be "completely free" of all contaminants, such as PCBs, dioxins and furans, please ask the manufacturer to show you their independent assay, proving this claim. If they send it to you, please forward us a copy as well so that we can understand how this claim may be possible.